Friday, 27 April 2007

The Wall of Terror

"All alone, or in two's,
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall.
Some hand in hand
And some gathered together in bands.
The bleeding hearts and artists
Make their stand.
And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall"

*Roger Waters (outside the wall)

Cheer up Iraqis, federalising Baghdad has begun and the plan of “The Great Wall of Terror” is moving on. The Americans say it is only a temporary measure to curb the sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiis. Al-Maliki shyly ordered the work to be halted but as expected, his words were ignored by the Americans as well as Iraqis working with them in the frail Baghdad security plan. But is it really a temporary measure? History has different thing to say. The Berlin Wall stood almost three decades against the will of the German people until its destruction in 1989. The Israeli wall of separation is also there to stay despite local and international condemnation. in our “Brave New World” where values of Globalization, inter-continental giant companies and Capitalism are prevailing and determined to shape our grandchildren’s future, there seems to be a growing fear from outsiders. This fear was the driving force behind the creation of physical barriers and subsequently segregating communities and creating Ghettos. So the “Wall Mania” is thriving and “Concrete industry” is booming. The United States established a long fence separating its borders from Mexico to prevent “Illegal Immigrants” from entering the sacred American soil. Britain launched its E-Boarders scheme; Saudi Arabia is planning to build a wired fence along its boarders with Iraq to prevent terrorists in Iraq from infiltrating its territories. Another plan is going on its southern boarders with Yemen. United Arab Emirates also wants to do the same on its boarders with Oman to tackle illegal workers hoping to reach Dubai for work. The American legacy in Iraq first started with Paul Bremmer when large “concrete masses” were seen gradually increasing on the streets of Baghdad trying to protect American bases and government buildings from suicide bombers. Iraqis call them “Bremmer’s walls”. Now The Great wall of Al-Ahdamiyah. A kind of collective punishment for the people of this old Baghdadi district who will be segregated from their neighbours and their biometric details will be saved on small chipped IDs in order not to be forged (the same procedure used with Asylum Seekers in the West) and used by “insurgents”. On one hand, The American tried to justify their move towards Ahdamiyah people by saying that the aim behind this wall is to prevent Shiaa death squads and Al-Mahdi gangsters from killing and kidnapping Sunnis. On the other, they tell the Shiaa that the main reason is to prevent Sunni insurgents from hiding in Ahdamiyah and taking its houses as a shelter after they carry their attacks against Shias in neighbouring areas. The last thing that Imams Musa Al-Kadhim and Abu Hanifa Al-Nu'man want to see is their followers killing each others under their names. These two Imams were the victims of the same dictatorial “Abbasid” regime. Abu Hanifa paid his life as a price for his support to Mohammed Bin Abdullah (Known as Thu Al-Nafs Al-Zackiya) Bin Al-Hasan Bin Ali Bin Abi Talib, a revolutionary rebel against the Abbasid regime and a descendent of the Prophet’s Family (Ahlu Al-Bayt). For centuries, Tigris River was the only natural barrier separating the spirits of these two great Imams and the domes of their shrines. In 1920 great revolution of Iraq, Shiaa and Sunni delegates in Ahdamiyah and Khadhimya exchanged visits and united against the British occupation. In 1963, Hadi Hashim Al-Ahdamyy, a veteran Iraqi communist found refuge in Al-Khadhimya and remained there for two nights after the bloody coup of February the 8th, fighting the Ba’athists with his followers (most of them were Shiaa communists) until his capture on the 10th of February when he was tortured to death in the notorious Qasr Al-Nihaya. Othman Al-Ahdamyy, the heroic youngster who rescued seven Shiaa pilgrims from drowning after Al-A’ema bridge stampede and then he himself drowned because of exhaustion. These bright spots in the history of relations between Ahdamiyah people and neighbouring areas should be remembered and learned by the Americans and Al-Maliki's government. We must not allow the Americans to turn Sahat Antar and Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz Street and Al-Gre’aat (where one day most Baghdadis ate Samak Maskouf) and other places in Ahdamiyah to be cut off from Baghdad’s Body and isolated from the Baghdadi community and confined in a large prison. The children in the picture above should not face this giant dead-silent concrete wall when they go to school every morning. This wall must be destroyed in order to let these children go to school and to play with fellow children from neighbouring districts and share a dream of one united Iraq for all Iraqis. A dream that their parents wished to fulfil and their current leaders failed to achieve.


Ramshakle1 said...

I now have now doubt left in my mind that the americans want it this way:
Let the Safawi Shiites take over,the Sunnis should either leave the country or be seond-grade citizens (if not killed...legally !) ,It´s OK that the kurds officially declare their own independent state.
It´s seems to be Ok with the americans that the above-mentioned involves full-fledged civil war (which is already there) ,fracturing the demo-geography of Iraq(which will lead to a NEW asian part of the middle east because the Sunni -Shiit polarism will very soon ,very very soon, change scale from a local Iraqi issue to a wider arabic/international issue.It intensified when Saddam was killed by the Safawi Shiíts and moved a step ahead when Sabrin was raped and is now moving a step further by the newly erected wall in Aádhamiya),losing the Turks as strong and trustable ally,strengthening Iran,providing feritle ground to Al-Qaida (and all other sorts of terror) to operate on.
What I really do not understand is why?
Why the americans are doing all this (their puppet government in Iraq is doing a big deal of the dirty job for them) ?
What strategic gain ,what interests do the americans have in getting to where we are about to get to ?
Do you have an answer to my question??,because it´s my biggest Sheko Makoo that I can not comprehend.
Have the day as It comes !

Sheko Mako said...

Dear Ramshackle,
I do not think that the Americans want this way:
1. the last thing The Americans need is to see Iran gaining Strategic depth both geographically and politically inside Iraq which gives them an increasing dominant role in the region, closer position to Israel amd control over the products of the oild fields.
2. The Americans would be so stupid if they think that they can get rid of the Sunnis. Nazzis failed to eliminate the Jews, Saddam couldn't get rid ofthe Shias or the Kurds, Iranian regime also failed to get rid of the Arabs in Khuzestan ( Al-Ahwaz)and many other exampoles. considering them as second-grade citizens will only fuel already waged insurgency against them and Iraqi Shiaas.
3. The Kurds to declare independence, may be. but again this is very risky at least in the near future as it is considered as redline for the regional powers.
4. fracturing the demography of Iraq by dividing it is held by, among many others, Peter Galbraith in his book The End Of Iraq. if the division will put an end to the bloodshed, I will strongly support this move, but instead it will exacerbate the already blown-up violence. the hot areas in Iraq today are more or less mixed ones e.g Baghdad, Diyala, Babil and Salah Aldin (except Anbar). dividing Iraq will not solve the problem in these areas.
4. the Sunni-Shiite issue already took wider scale since the overthrowing of Saddam's regime and the ascendence of the Shiite to power in Iraq. the strong position of Shia in Lebanon after the civil war and its role in the Arab Israeli confrontation and also the rise of Iraq as an expanding power in the middle east and its ambition to dominate the region and seeking nuclear technology. in Iraq it has been intensified since the destruction of Samara shrines, then came the humiliating hanging of Saddam and then Sabrine's rape, Tal Afar carnage and now Al-Ahdamiya wall. beside that there is relentless wave of Suicide bombing targeting Shias specifically in Al-Thawra city and recently Karbala.
5. losing the Turks is another big subject. it is right that the role of Turkey after the Cold War era was decreasing but at the same time with fear from Islam in the West, Turkey is the only access to Europe by land that links the Muslim countries to the West so it is very risky for the West to lose the Turks as an ally.
the americans do not want all this but i think because they are messing around in Iraq and dont know how to get rid from all the trouble there,they are trying to implement any new startegy even if it is crap just hoping for things to be solved at the end.
have a nice day

Ramshakle1 said...

Dear Shekoo Makoo:
I agree totally on your analysis about why the americans should not make the choices they are making every day in Iraq.But the fact on ground says the americans are doing exactly the opposite: that´s to say only what does them harm ,hence my question from the beginning:why?
You concluded what 24 steps to liberty did in his latest post (Yilawsoon Bi´kharahum=messing with their shit).But I just can´t get it : The Bush adminstration and its allies were so actively engaged,focused and enthusiastic when they wanted to invade Iraq to despose Saddam but they have proven to be utterly stupid,lazy and distracted when it came to making proffits out of the war they won !
I just can not get!
Is this simply one of the manifestations of a GREAT EMPIRE in decline?
.....truely en enigma!

Sheko Mako said...

it is known that Bush and the neoconservative gang around him are very arrogant, so they will never admit failure in Iraq even if they have to sacrifice more lives american or Iraqis. their arrogance was very obvious from their handling of the Baker-Hamilton report recommendations. four years now after the invasion and the most reasonable explanation for the lack of American post war plan is as I personally think:
1. Bush wanted to achieve a quick victory over Saddam, to complete the mission that his father left unfinished in 1991. the success of their campaign in Afghanstan to overthrow Taliban regime made them assume that Iraq would be the same.
2. the failure of the containemnet policy towards Saddam during Clinton's presidency and also the failure of the sanctions to weaken Saddam these fators ruched them to take the decision of the invasion.
in late nineties and early 2000s the US was criticised by the international community about the continued sanctions.
3. the economic rewards from investments in Iraq oilfields was exactly as described by one senator ( Iraq is a honey pot attracting many flies).
4. all these factors together with the major shift in American policy towards the ME after 11/9 and also the advice from friends of the new government like Al-Chalabi, Allawi and the Kurds that everything will be OK after Saddam. all these factors was behind their fatal mistakes in the first few weeks after the invasion.